I have a strong level of conviction with my conviction itself. I know when I’m sure about something when I need to reach out for help, when I need to stop, when I need to speak out, hush my voice, give others space, be big, be small, be loud, hear others. One of the things lingering in my stream of consciousness right now is around learning, growing and yielding.

I’m always hungry for the lesson, the growth and from a young age I got that I needed to put in the work, grow the grow, climb the climb, put in the emotional legwork to get anywhere in life. Recently I’ve started to seriously doubt the level in which I compromise and yield. Am I losing my voice? I wouldn’t go that far, however, I think somewhere along the way, I got to merging compromise, personal growth and responsibility with someone who forgot opinions, values and conviction are OKAY.

I do not want to lose the part of me that can ‘let things go’, not have to be right, take it with a pinch of salt, smile at hostility, have patience and understanding for constant defensiveness AND I want to reconnect with the side of me that says “No that’s not okay by me.” Like all things in life, it’s about balance. With that, I create this possibility for myself – to have the confidence in myself to be wrong, to yield and to grow AND the confidence in myself to say NO.