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About Karuna

A professional photographer for over a decade, Karuna subscribes to the notion that to be brilliant creatively, we must do more than just deliver a high quality end product. To be brilliant, is to connect with our subject from a place of integrity and honesty, without preconception. So that the client doesn’t just get great shots, they receive an unforgettable experience.


This integrity, is something which runs throughout her entire longstanding team. From the flexible yet seamless way they work, to the quality of the deliverables. Every step of the way, prepare to be inspired.


From a background in fine art to helping some of the world’s biggest food & lifestyle brands to shine, Karuna has been acclaimed for creating beautiful imagery and inspiring brands to realise the infinite possibilities for their development and growth.


Meeting clients where they are, is a theme which runs through all of Karuna’s teachings. Today she points to her embodied yoga practice and personal development as having been transformational in shaping her approach to photography, teaching and life generally.  


Karuna’s work has been featured throughout the media in publications including The Guardian, The Independent and The Sunday Times.


Previous clients range from globally recognised brands such as Fortnum and Mason and News UK, to supporting start-ups and charities in powerfully bringing their truth to the world.



Deep experience, a true love of the work and an unquestionable gift combine to make Karuna Clayton one of the most exciting creatives today.


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