I’ve recently been talking, reading and researching a lot on the idea of ‘looking good’. How much our fear of looking bad totally pulls us back in life. Keeps us further from our dreams and disconnected from people, disconnected with love, out of pocket, not getting the promotions we’re scared to ask for, never perfecting that yoga pose we’re desperate to nail, in fear of who might see us get it wrong while we practice. Especially on the beach, in Bali right!! Cute cool people all around, looking good sipping their cocktails. I accidentally went into a level 2 vinyasa flow yoga class this week. Hardcore teacher, American dude, super hot. Sat right at the front, had no idea until he said: “right guys who’s ready for a serious level 2 class?” I was so scared I almost walked out. I just about got downward down 🙈. Then the class started and sure I can’t do a free-standing handstand (yet) or standing splits but completed the class, did 95% of the poses and advanced in my practice. I may have not ‘looked good’ but I felt alive, inspired, proud and pretty sure everyone in the class was so focused on their body and practice to care too much about my attempts.

My learning was to get over myself and sometimes looking bad is awesome and the only way to really get to the finish line!