In China, it’s polite to leave some food on your plate – it’s rude to clean your plate, as it’s like you’re telling your host they didn’t provide enough. In other cultures it shows wealth, you’re wealthy enough to leave food.
Personally, I think it’s a good form of self-discipline and a reminder to stop when I’m full. I’ve started interval fasting and a few times a week I consciously don’t eat for 16 hours. This includes sleep so is much easier than it sounds. It’s healthy to let your body start to burn stored fats. For days? No. For considered intervals? Yes. We all eat wayyyyyy too much and never give our busy, hard-working bodies enough time to REST.

If you feel tired all the time, this is a great thing to look at. It’s worth checking in with yourself if you’re a late night eater and have an early breakfast – this can be the common course for feeling shattered.
After these intervals, I enjoy the food I eat to a whole new level and do not overeat. To clarify this is NOT about putting yourself under any discomfort or a weight loss thing. It’s about connecting and being mindful of your consumption; when we eat? how much we eat? when are we letting our bodies have a break?
Food for thought…..