Ten minutes before this photo was taken it was grey and cloudy. My first daylight hours after arriving in La Coruna in the early hours of the morning. I woke up in a tent on a cliffside to the most incredible view, alas though it was very overcast. There would have been times in my life in previous years where I would have been super disappointed. Vocalised it. Got way into my head, about what it would be like if all the coming days were the same. I really didn’t care though. I’ve reached a place in my life (and acknowledge myself for it) where I can (mostly) be with what is. My mum and I walked down onto the moody skied beach. Then, against all weather forecasts, there he was, the sun. He shone brightly all day and continues to today. Brings me back to one of my favourite distinctions in life. When we resist, things persist. We welcomed the clouds and followed the SUN.