I always start workshops by asking everyone to acknowledge themselves, for doing something for themselves. It’s too easy in life to keep doing what we do, get comfortable, become too friendly with routine and not take the time to go learn. Go be creative, go soak up amazing energy with others, go be inspired, go step into another world for a day and welcome newness into our lives. Yesterday 8 beautiful creative ladies joined myself, Camilla Wordie, Loren Stuart and Mohala Design in Rye London. We spent 7 enriching hours, sharing, learning and of course eating.
There is always more to learn and there are a lot of spaces to go do all of the above. A whole world of beauty and creativity; and so I want to thank Hannah India, Laura Sommerville, Lucy, Katie Jolin, Sonja Earl, Claudia Olave, Maureya Lebowitz and Kate Lowney for doing something for themselves and creating the possibility of newness, learning and collaboration. And thank you Rye London for providing the space to learn and to grow together.